Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.
-- Marcus Garvey
Here's Sifu Thompson demonstrating some freestyle forms, reacting to imagined opponents from some of the hundreds of different techniques he has mastered.
An introductory video showing
Sifu Thompson and a few of our students.
HIghlights from A 2009 class with two of our young Black Sashes.
School Rules, Practice Tips, and Other Information for Students and Parents
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Our Unique approach to the martial arts
About our Sifu,
Robert G. Thompson
What is BUNGO FU, and what sets it apart from other martial arts?
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Our Unique Stretching and Balance Routine
Kung Fu + African Foot Fighting
Group classes and private lesssons in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Rockville, and elsewhere in the DC area   
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Telecommuting from home? Stay-at-home parent? No time to go to a gym or martial arts class? No problem!
Sifu Thompson offers daytime and evening private lessons at an affordable price. We tailor the program to your interests--learn kung fu for self-defense or tai chi or exercise, or try our unique stretching, strength and balance workout routine.
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